Monday, January 09, 2006

crazy ulimit / ssh issue

This is one of this crazy ones .. which you don't ask about, you just do the workaround ! :)

Sometimes (thus far I have seen it on FC-2 and RH-9) when you try to set ulimit for a user, you get a weird error and the ulimit settings failed.

When looking in /var/log/secure you will see entries like this one:
su: pam_succeed_if: requirement "uid < 100" not met by user "myuser"

even though you have the right settings in /etc/security/limits.conf (meaning you designated your desired user to have limit above the default)

This is some bug with SSH.. not sure what is it.
The workaround I found was :
1. sudo into root, issue the same ulimit command you tried to issue for the user.
2. sudo into the desired user (this time ulimit will work)
3. exit back to root and restart SSHd.
4. completely logout, and log back in as the desired user

The issue is gone..
voodoo .. but it worked for me. :-)

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