Sunday, March 20, 2005

Movie extensions for Firefox

Well, while Mandrake comes with some great tools (such as rpmdrake or urpmi) which make life really easy when you want to install new applications, it's pretty easy to screw things up ..

Ok .. so here's the deal. I installed firefox and then looked for extensions for it, so I can view movies and such. After doing some reasearch on the net, I found that there are kaffeine extensions for Mozilla/Firefox. There is even an RPM called: kaffeine-mozilla-0.2-1mdk.i586.rpm.
BUT, this RPM requires some newer libraries that I didn't have. Moreover, these libraries are not part of the standard Mandrake distrib yet, but rather are under Mandrake 'cooker', which is the development/beta phase of Mandrake packs.
So, the best way I found to install the kaffeine extensions is by downloading them from .Then, you have to build the extensions and install them into the plugins directory of FireFox.
The main catch is that the RPM that is out there is for Kaffeine 0.5 which is not part of the standard Mandrake distro yet .. so you have to install the new Kaffeine if you want to use the extensions RPM. Or, just build them from the tar.gz.

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