Saturday, March 19, 2005

Which Window Manager

This is an easy one - after trying both Gnome and KDE -
KDE all the way !!

There are far more programs that work better on KDE, and far more useful utilities.
Most stuff today actually runs on both, but it just seems that KDE is more mature.

I have a PalmPilot, and the KPilot utility is prefect. btw, synching the Palm on 2.4 kernel is a nightmare! You have to be really creative with pilot-xfer, and I was never able to get it to sync automatically... I had to push the sync button and then run pilot-xfer.
On 2.6 kernel, with KDE - just push the button!

So, I am sure there will be a million people that will think otherwise, but my experience is KDE all the way.
Another testimony to the power of KDE is the new TUX magazine ( a great magazine for novice Linux users. ALL their examples are KDE based. And these are experienced people :)

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